s16mm Colour
32 minutes

Filmed in his home in Paris at the end of a summer, Antonio Negri takes as a starting point a short story, a parable written by MH which he transforms into a political hypothesis. It is the story of a community of children who live in roofless houses in a world where two suns shine permanently. When an eclipse is about to arise, the children get scared. They are terrified as they do not know the darkness, they’ve never seen the stars. And so, to cope with their fear they decide to burn their houses to generate light. From there Antonio Negri weaves anecdotes, evokes Alexis deTocqueville and Saint Francis d’Assise, raises concerns about contemporary policies, formalises arguments which reveal his unconditional engagement against biopolitics, for militantism, absolute democracy and his restless quest to find Joy in the heart of “La Multitude”.

Location: Paris, August 2019
Camera: Aaton XTR +
Lens: 12-200mm
Kodak: 7207 / 250D
Director of Photography: Théodore Hugonnier
Sound: Damien Perollaz
Editing: Marine Hugonnier, Susanne Dietz
Process: Kodak, London and Silverway, Paris