Assem­bly of Ani­mals / Union pour la Cinégénie

Etching by J.B. Huet, 1792
Red Stamp
62.8 × 49.8 × 4.5cm

Assembly of Animals is a 18th century etching stamped with the words «Union Pour La Cinégénie» (Union for Cinégénie). The print came with the following text : “It seems fair to assume that this apparently innocuous collection of animals by French painter, designer and etcher Jean Baptiste Huet (1745 - 1811) has a much deeper historical and political significance. The print was created in the first year of the French Republican Calendar, a calendar proposed during the French Revolution and used by the French government for about 12 years from late 1793 to 1805. The French First Republic was founded on 22 September 1792, subsequently designated Year I of the French Republic, by the newly established National Convention. Perhaps this image of a wide variety of animal species, including the horse, lion, goat, dog and humble rabbit, converging apparently for some sort of conference, commemorates the first session of the National Convention on 20 September 1792. The delegates to the Convention came from all classes of society. Perhaps it is significant that instead of most days having an associated saint as in the Roman Catholic calendar of saints, under the Republican Calendar each day has an animal.

Produced by: Fortes D’Aloia Gabriel Gallery, Brazil