Chameleon (Por­trait of the Author)

Photogram, gold leaf
45 × 54 cm

This image is a photogram from the film «The Secretary of the Invisible» in which the figure of a chameleon represents the author. The reptile’s change of colour, its camouflage and subsequent invisibility are placed in parallel with the ability of the author to become an «invisible eye» behind his camera and to remain at the service of this condition. The gold on his back is to hide his awkwardness, it reflects the shimmering colours of the world and helps it to hide. In western Africa the chameleon’s presence is said to be a benefit, it protects from darkness, as the darkness perceives it as a point of convergence where colours of all spectrums attempt to reflect the world.

Shoot: River Niger, Niger, May 2007
Camera: Aaton XTR +
Stock: 7218/500 asa, 7274/200 asa Kodak
Lense: 12-120mm, 50mm lens Canon Zoom
Aspect ratio: 1:77
Director of Photography: Jessica Servieres
Editor: Helle le Fevre
Sound: Matthias Fayos, Moussa Hamidou, Damien Perrollaz
With: Damoure Zika and his family, Moussa Hamidou,
Sani - the pirogue man, Hamidou Yaye - the priest
Producers: Karen Katz, Lydia Martin, Corinne Castel
Producers: Pinky Ghundhalle, Maggie Ellis / Film London
Funded by: Arts Council England London with the support of Film London Artists' Moving Image Network, Mamco Geneva, Max Wigram Gallery London, Alan Djanogly
Process and grade: GTC, Joinville-Le-Pont