Series of 6 works
20 × 24 inches Polaroids
150 × 120 cm

INSTANTANÉS is a series of 6 works which explores the medium of instant Polaroid film. These works are a critical investigation of the process of producing these particular instant analogue images and of the necessary conditions to make them. As such this series features a model (Instantanés (Le modéle)), the studio where the picture were taken (Instantanés (Le Studio)), the climat condition during the day of the shoot (Instantanés (Les conditions atmosphériques)), the standard Kodak color chart (Instantanés (La charte de couleur)), Instantanés (La révélation)) and a fictional geographical place (Instantanés (Le bord de mer)). These large format Polaroids (50 × 60 cm) were taken with one of the 3 largest Polaroid cameras that exist in the world. These peel-apart sheets have been manufactured by Polaroid in the 80’s and kept in climate controled environment by Studio 20x24 in New York. The ones used here were the last ones available wordwide.

Location: Studio 20x24 New York
Dop: John Reuter and Nafis Azad, New York
Camera: Polaroid Land 20x24 (Built 1978)
Stock: Polacolor P7 and Polapan 400
Lenses: 600mm Fujinon and 300mm Fujinon