Trav­el­ling Amazonia

Super 16mm Colour and Sound

Travelling Amazonia was shot on the Transamazonia road, a 6.000-mile-long highway cutting through Amazonia’s vast forest. The construction of the Transamazonia generated industries around the extraction of natural resources like metal, wood, and rubber. In this film, these materials are used to build a dolly and tracks to realise a “travelling shot” upon the very same road. Through the making of this camera movement that recalls the ideology behind the idealism embedded in the Transamazonia’s project, the film addresses the processes and the pioneering ideas, that prevailed in this project realised during the rule of the Brazilian military dictatorship.


Location: In Itaituba on the Transamazonian Highway, Amazonas,
Brazil, August 2005
Camera: Aaton XTR +
Stock: 7218, 7274 Kodak
Lense: 12-120mm Canon Zoom
Aspect ratio: 1:66
Director of photography: Roberto Thome De Oliviera Filho
Editor: Helle Le Fèvre
Sound: Cristian Manzutto
First Assistant: Diana Baldon
Executive Producers: Amanda Rodrigues Alves and Thomas Mulcaire
Process: Casablanca, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Grade: Diamond, London, UK
Post production: Frontline Television, London, UK
Produced by: Arts Council England, Max Wigram Gallery, London, UK, Martha Hummer Bradley and NoguerasBlanchard, Barcelona, Spain